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The Worst of Evil (2023)

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The Worst of Evil is the latest drama starring Ji Chang-wook. In this mystery thriller action drama, he competes with Wi Ha-jun in a case involving the distribution of illegal drugs. The drama tells the story of an officer going undercover to infiltrate a group of gangs who are the masterminds behind the spread of a new and powerful illegal drug in the busiest area in Seoul.

The Worst of Evil

The story is set in Seoul in the 1990s, Jung Gi-cheul (Wi Ha-jun), a former DJ, takes over the leadership of a gang and starts distributing the popular new illegal drug, Gangnam Crystal, in nightclubs as far away as China and Japan.

He has two different sides, starting from a cold-blooded figure as a gang leader who spent his youth with sad memories, and also a person who wants affection from his first love.

In the midst of this situation, Park Jun-mo (Ji Chang-wook), a village-level police officer, is recruited to go undercover and infiltrate the gang in order to bring down Jung Gi-cheul from within.

However, he only had limited information. This forced Park Jung-mo to hide his new assignment from everyone, including those closest to him.

The Worst of Evil

However, he was very surprised when he found out that his wife and co-worker, Yu Eui-jeong (Lim Se-mi), volunteered for the same task.

Not only that, it turns out that Yu Eui-jeong also has a mysterious past with the mastermind behind this new illegal drug.

This condition makes Park Jun-mo’s focus divided between dedication to his work to bring down the drug gang and also having to keep his wife safe.

Wi Ha-jun some time ago said that The Worst of Evil is a new crime drama that film noir lovers can really enjoy.

The Worst of Evil

“This is not a story that you can watch with your family and laugh together. However, the audience can experience something new,” said Wi Ha-jun, as reported by the Korea Times some time ago.

On that occasion, Wi Ha-jun and Ji Chang-wook also praised each other’s performance in The Worst of Evil.

“I watched Ji Chang-wook’s action performances since I was young. When together, I think we will show realistic action scenes. Ji Chang-wook combines his emotions in action scenes, it is very extraordinary and inspiring,” said Wi Ha-jun .

“I also wanted to give Wi Ha-jun a 100 out of 100 match performance. I really enjoyed working with him. I was surprised by his commitment and performance,” said Ji Chang-wook.

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Duration: 54 Min
Last Air Date:2023-10-04
Number Of Episode:12

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