We cannot overemphasize the fact that fashion is a business that requires a precise strategy for its success. In running a business, many factors come to play and we cannot neglect or downplay one for the other.
One of the vital factors responsible for the success of any business is “a strong brand identity” Brand identity is the visible element of a brand, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers’ minds.

I’d like to highlight a few things;

  • Your brand identity is not the plan, it is the guide that keeps your brand together.
  • It isn’t your marketing or PR strategy, rather it is your connector to your consumer.
  • It is not your selling point, however, it’s ethos is targeted at that ideal customer. 

Your retail brand identity should work for you by:

  • Clearly communicating the in-house mission and how it ties into your vision.
  • It should communicate to your potential client, who you are.
  • It should connect your story to your collection range and sales.

It is important to know that you cannot build a global business before building a brand identity.

To find out more, if you would prefer either a brand identity e-book, webinar or one-on-one session, send an email to veronica@vane-style.com with your selected choice as the subject.

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