From our previous post on Fun Fashion Ideas for the isolation period, here is ‘IDEA TWO’

Wardrobes are notoriously difficult to keep organized and can prove to be a headache. However, with the right tips and practice, you can have a visually appealing wardrobe in no time.

So, in the spirit of keeping busy during the ‘stay at home’ period; We have decided to share with you three well thought out ways to arrange your wardrobe.

These methods require minimal effort and have proven to be very efficient…

  • Put your black and white clothes in a section and place your other clothes in another.

    • Section your clothes in prints and patterns. Start with muted patterns followed by bright patterns, or place your stripes and checks first followed by floral prints then your glamorous animal prints. 

      • Section your clothes into hues. Start from the lightest colors all the way to the darkest colors. 

        PS… If necessary, you can purchase organizational tools such as wall hooks and dividers to keep your wardrobe neat and tidy. 

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