We all want outfits that expresses our unique style, …one that speaks all the style languages for us . But the dream wardrobe is the goal !
And building that dream wardrobe takes more than buying different pieces. It’s mostly knowing how to pair and rework everything we’ve got. Especially the separates and the one-pieces.
Originally, they seem better when worn alone, but pairing separates like skirts, blazers, shirt and pants with one-pieces like jumpsuits, dresses and overalls can make for a pretty great style.
We picture you thinking ‘ Is there a woman out there who wakes up every morning, throws her closet open  and knows she’ll always find something amazing in there to make her feel stylish, both inside and out ?! Impossible.’
Well it’s totally possible if you follow our style inspo below. Ready?

Allow your wardrobe to express your lighter side:

For work, wear a button-down collared shirt under a dress for a chic office ensemble. Need a cover-up without the weight? Give your ensemble a laid-back effect by layering an unbuttoned shirt over a dress.
Also, try knotting a shirt over a sleeveless jumpsuit or romper to suggest an appealing joie de vivre.

Layering Continues To Be A Key Trend 

The  ultimate cover-up, a blazer literally goes over anything. Try wearing a blazer over a demure Victorian-style dress or over a strapless jumpsuit to lend structure and contrast to softer one-pieces.

Go-anywhere Pairing

Never underestimate the power of a kimono(see our previous blog post on the kimono, as an essential wardrobe piece).
This all-season piece serves a lot of options when you need to get out the door in a jiffy. The kimono can be worn as a one-piece dress with a belt or a wrap. It can be layered over your favorite dress, pants and tops as well.


You would agree now, that the dream wardrobe is totally achievable. Indulge yourself in these thoughtful options we’ve offered and let us know your results in the comment section. See you at our next blog post! bye now.

Written by,
Onyi Rosebud Ben-Ukpeli

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