For some of us who couldn’t wait for fashion weekend to arrive, the Fall  2020 Ready-to-wear runway gave us a run for our money!
How? well, Armani’s had an audience-free show, Micheal Kors and Moncler canceled their events, and street style got an unexpected update of face masks and temperature checks.  And did you know that fashion print media, Vogue Italia, published their first-ever digital cover girl the March 2020 Issue?! yes they did.

When Dolce and Gabbana first replaced models with drones for the 2018 runway collection, Prada experimented with digital models/influencers and Balmain launched its 2018 fashion campaign with only virtual supermodels, it seemed like a trendy thing to do at the time.
Drones at the Dolce & Gabbana Runway 2018

However, hot topics such as sustainability in fashion, eco-friendly ethics, inclusivity, fast fashion and now the COVID-19 outbreak ( as expressed by Vogue Italias March Issue),  times in the style and fashion industry has changed.
It seems as though, the industry of editors, stylists, personal shoppers/buyers, models, designers, influencers may adopt the trendy digital approach to fashion as we know it.
our worry now is, how feasible will this trend be, seeing as fashion deals with more of human experience! Will this become a lasting or passing trend?
Can we find other ways to still communicate fashion, with the same sentiments?

On the bright side, digital fashion may be economical and ethical for brands such as using virtual supermodels like shudu (@shudu.gram), whose burnished brilliance and skin tone creates a perfect canvas to build up almost any wardrobe-worthy ensemble.

Designers are leaning towards sustainability.  Runway collections, consumer reception, and media influences are more conscious and sensitive to the environment, health, and social trends.


whatever your opinion is on digital fashion, people, garments and all, the industry is undeniably changing, and while it is not certain that the look and feel of real clothes on real models may appeal to your closet, digital no doubt has a starring role in fashion’s future.
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Written by Onyinyechi R. Ben-Ukpeli
Co-written by Ojonugwa Isaac

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