Ever wonder why white remains a classic in every lady’s wardrobe? We did too and the result is a style hack of all time!

You have probably heard before now that your wardrobe reflects your personality so adding white pieces to your wardrobe can elevate your style and give it a classic finish. We cannot even overemphasize how invariably chic it makes your ensemble look.
Furthermore, white is an achromatic colour which basically leaves you with a blank canvas for you to add your personal touch to. Also, adding that white accessory or garment could switch up your closet from minimum to maximum as they are subtle, precise, smart and unique.

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To the ladies without any prior ‘white goodness’ knowledge, don’t worry we’ve got you covered and if you already have, a little tip or two wouldn’t hurt. See why we think so!

Gives You A Fresh Outlook

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White is an effortless colour and literally does all the ‘chic work’ for you. The trick is to mix up textures with a monochrome white look and even ensembles that have just a touch of white. Also, opt for more relaxed garments and loose silhouettes. This will give your ensemble a nice finish. Don’t shy away from accessorizing with white – ditch your knockabout black purse and replace it with a sizeable white option. You’ll then have a glimpse of what we mean!

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Makes Styling Easy With Its Transitional Feature

Like we explained earlier, styling white pieces are really easy as they give you the liberty to give in to your mood when it comes to colours. Like they make colour transitioning an easy task, they also make outfit transitioning trouble-free compared to chromatic hues like red, blue, green and the likes.

It Is An Investment Colour

White, just like other neutral tones are like colour staples which means they never go out of style. Hues compared to neutrals stand different grounds at different points in fashion. So splurging on white pieces is a fashion investment as they can take you through time and seasons. They key is to be strategic with pairings and to provide utmost care to the pieces during laundry.

Now that you have a few tips to knock ensembles with white accents out of the park, implementing them is the next step. So whether its a blazer for formal occasions or a white dress for brunch, try out different outfit formulas to find out what works best for you eventually.

Let us know how you feel about white pieces and how you intend to find your style with them in the comment section. Till next time!


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