We have found ourselves self-isolated due to the COVID-19 chaos and, although a couple of weeks indoors sounds dreamy, the boredom is bound to set in pretty quick. 
From Virtual meetings, exercises & family bonding; Vanestyle will be sharing with you fun fashion ideas to keep yourselves busy with during this isolation period. 
Our first fun fashion idea is….
Exciting, isn’t it?
We all have our wardrobe filled with different types of outfits, whether they were gifted to us, we shopped at some point based on trend or shopped on passing, saying to ourselves “Oh, it’ll come in handy”, but most of these outfits are not worthy enough to remain in our wardrobes.
This is the perfect time to rid our wardrobes of things we no longer need. You may be wondering, ‘how do I know what I do not need in my wardrobe?’ ‘But I like all my clothes’, ‘why do I need to detox?
You need to detox because you have too many things in your wardrobe that shouldn’t be in there and this is how you detox…

·      Fetch out those outfits that haven’t been worn in forever
There are outfits that you haven’t worn in a really long time and this shows that you possibly have no need for them, so it’s best you get rid of them. 
Teach yourself the discipline of letting things go. Holding on to outfits for so long even with the knowledge that you do not need them, just takes out useful space from your wardrobe. Filtering your wardrobe, allows you to have so much useful space.

·      Take out those pieces that are out of style 
As much as this is self-explanatory, which is taking out those pieces that are no longer in trend, it is even more. Out of style also means that your taste in fashion has changed or you have outgrown a particular style. So, use that as a guide, look through your wardrobe and pick those pieces that least define your style. 

·      Try for fit, If it doesn’t fit, take it out
This requires time, a lot of it but guess what. Time if exactly what we have in surplus right now. So, this requires you to play dress up. Try for fit; if an outfit doesn’t sit properly anymore, take it out and if you are like me that is too tired to try every outfit, you can do the ‘neck hack’. Any outfit that doesn’t comfortably goes around your neck won’t fit your waist (dress-up made easy).

Once you’re done Detoxing, here are a few ideas for what to do with the clothes.
– Give them to friends and family
– Box and donate to charity
– Experiment DIYs (REVAMP). Go through the clothes and find pieces that can be revamped, e.g, You can turn bell-bottom jeans to shorts, hence making your wardrobe more economical.
Detoxing is great for you and your wardrobe. It will make you feel wonderfully cleansed and also give you a chance to embrace sustainable fashion.

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