In fashion trends come and go, this means that trends may either be lasting or passing. A trend can rise above others and be elevated to staple/social status. 

For a trend to become social, it means it has become so relevant not only for the socialites or influencers but to the masses. A social trend is something that we didn’t think would last but eventually became widely liked and did not fade away. 
Below are Vanestyle’s Select of Fashion Trends that have staples.
  • The Boyfriend Jeans
Easy to dress up or down, boyfriend jeans are a worthy match for your favorite tops and shoes. Choose from classic high-waisted styles in baggy silhouettes for that casual T-shirt and denim combo, or switch things up with distressed finishes and ripped knees to keep it relaxed and laid back.
  • Fanny Packs
Get to where you’re going with the style and function of a fanny pack. Perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking and traveling, Fanny Packs are a great accessory for when you only need to carry the bare minimum without the hassle of big and bulky bags. They are designed with a small and convenient shape that makes them easy to carry when you are on the move, with the added security of storing all of your belongings close to your body to avoid theft and pickpocketing.
  • Sneakers
Comfortable and chic, everyone knows sneakers are a win-win. With styles to suit everyone, they can be paired with everything from pretty dresses to casual sweats.

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