There’s just something unique and unquestionably fabulous about some ladies.
They seem to have a super power for being able to seamlessly look polished and refined, no matter the outfit they have on.
I’ll tell you why. It’s all in the little details!!
Anyone could wear a white tee with a pair of jeans and look ‘okay’. But to really look polished, you have to pay attention to your ensembles.
Luxury pieces or even staples do not necessarily give you a polished look, it’s pairing them to work right for you, that does the magic.
So preserving a great sense of style at all times, is what the true goal should be.  Let’s show you how to dress successfully and look uber chic.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Veronica Odeka

Eliminate The Excess

Start with decluttering your overall style. You could get yourself a style workbook or a consultation if need be.
The aim is to exclude pieces that do not fit into your style, in other to give room for the ideal one you are looking to create.
If you notice your entire ensemble looks too “all-over the place”, a great idea is to take pieces out one after the other, until you are comfortable with the outcome.
In other words, don’t wear too many contrasting pieces in one look.

Octavia Spencer

Veronica Odeka

A Statement Piece/Two Does The Job

When putting your looks together, go for one statement piece or two at a time.
Except for jewelry, this applies to nearly every other part of your wardrobe.
Statement pieces could be a croc handbag, nude pumps, print dress, sunglasses. pick one piece to shine.
Even with accessories, you have to go easy , so as to achieve a focal point in your ensemble.

Jennifer Lopez
Kefilwe Mabote

Don’t Forget To Tailor and Fit

This rule is one to live by. Ensure always to tailor and fit your garments to your size!
That way, you don’t look like you’re trying so hard. If a piece you like is in a size bigger or doesn’t fit, find a great tailor/seamstress to help alter and fit the garment without damaging the cut or pattern.

Alicia Keys
Tika Sumpter

Think Fab
Boring isn’t allowed! Style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Gabrielle union, definitely mastered the art of style by doing more better than average. 
Pair pieces like silk scarves, belts, scrappy heels and turbans with your outfits. Ruffles, pleats and sculptural details also make for polished look. Don’t forget to add a pop of color!

Tika Sumpter
Veronica Odeka

The ‘Third-Piece’ rule

This is really not a secret. If you are going patterned or print , a solid or neutral coloured piece, (mostly a jacket would do) adds a polished accent.
Basically, its just adding a structured accent to your look.  Just enough to pull the look together.

Yara Shahidi
Majorie Harvey

Finally, the style code you should pair along with all your looks, is CONFIDENCE ! looking good includes feeling good too! Be sure to stay gorge. see you later. Bye!

Written by,
Onyi R. Ben-Ukpeli

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