One appealing classic and timeless tone when it comes to styling neutrals is, grey.
The reason this color deserves a good space on your cloth rack is because of how easy it is when it comes to pairing and enduring through seasons.
Perfect for work attire and casuals, this soft, yet strong alternative to black gives that fresh appeal of a well-put-together ensemble. Also, if styled properly, it would give the right amount of coverage and also help create volume. achieving anything is always in the details.

How To Style :

Grey skirt.

Because of how calm and cool this tone is, go for a skirt that has details like flounce, pleats, ruffles or fringe.
A midi or maxi length piece would give the coverage you desire, while details around the hips would give you moderate volume.
Pair your skirt with a button-down pastel top or a crisp white shirt for a contemporary upgrade to this classic!

Grey Pants/ Culottes

Appropriate for the office and transitional enough for your after-dark edits. 
Pair your pants with a darker shade of grey or softer colour tones. To really make a statement, pair with solid colours like red, green or royal blue.


Grey Top

Give your classic t-shirt a  neutral spin. Go for a grey coloured top, instead of black or white. 
For a clean and chic finish, pair your grey tee with dark denim colours or light wash denim.
Skirts and pants don’t fall short of this pairing too.

Grey Blazer

This must-have is the perfect subtle makeover for your work wardrobe.
 Make sure to take note of the details that flatter your body shape better(the cut and fit matters too). Style seamlessly with a silk cami or stripe shirt and dark coloured bottoms.
 Grey blazers will add the right structure to your ensemble.


Do let us know in the comments and via our Instagram page( @vanestylesr), how you styled yours.
Catch you later!

Written by,
Onyi R. Ben-Ukpeli

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