When we saw mules pop up again some seasons ago, we took notice!
Mules have become the shoe style of the decade. Both on and off the runway, people thought this staple would stay a trend.
But it’s gone beyond that. Now considered a classic, designers like Manolo Blahnik, Balenciaga and many others, have taken up the task of filling up our closets with loads of options .
So if you’ve been on the lookout for pieces that would give you a chic and laid-back look on your lazy days, or a high-glam note to your ensemble, then you need a pair or two!
Need more convincing? Here’s why:

Comfy And Chic

Swapping your stilettos for a mule option, will always be a great idea.
Mostly because mules have proven to be a totally comfy and super chic at anytime. This semi-coverage pair, will ensure your feet gets enough room, while adding a cool it-girl vibe to your ensemble.

Stylist Tip: Pair a pleated midi skirt and tee with a 3-inch mule. you’re welcome!

Versatile And Classy

Personally, we’ve found out that mules are one of the most versatile pair of shoes /slip-ons.
There’s a version for every ensemble and occasion!
Don’t believe us? Just observe the recent looks  from your fav celebrities, on the runway, and street-style. You’ll find out that, from casual work-wear to chic laid-back ensembles, it really works for everything.
The key is to consider the structure/style and heel-type that you are most comfortable in. Block heels and flats will get you anywhere, fast and fabulously too.
Next, opt for solid colours, minimal embellishments and faux leather. Choose styles in rich shades. Avoid prints, if you want a pair that could work for different outfits.

Practical And Functional

Let’s break it down to how really practical and functional this pair could get;
For a sophisticated ensemble, pair your mules(stilletos) with a flowy dress. Perfect for a wedding or cocktail!
A faux leather mule paired with classic jeans and white tee will be a classic forever!
Get it now?

Bonus Point: Ever considered wearing mules to the airport, or generally for travel?
Guaranteed! a pair  would have you looking fab through security and  all through your flight.
Do let us know how you paired yours.
And if you would like to know where to shop for mules in Lagos, follow us on Instagram(@vanestylesr) for our “where to shop” series, every Friday.
Catch you later!

Written by,
Onyi R. Ben-Ukpeli.

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